LABELPAC’s MOTOHEAD™ Apply and Print and Apply labelling system uses generic labels to Apply or Print Apply On-Demand, a multitude of endless Labels without the need to stock large label inventory. Along with many unique features, LABEL PAC systems offer Item Level Traceability which can also be incorporated to help trace back produce to their origin completing a full circle for PTI compliance. “LABEL PRESS has identified the MOTORHEAD system
Since 1980, Label Press has provided quality printed labels and tags as well as innovative packing house solutions to the Australasian fresh produce industry. Along with LABELPAC’s internationally patent pending and innovative PLU labelling systems, Label Press can now offer unique options for PLU labelling requirements for the Australian and New Zealand market
.asproven technology that will facilitate smoother operations for Australasian growers and graders.” Said Cecil Hornbuckle Label Press Director. The MOTOHEAD™ labeller is also the only labeller of its kind allowing the option to Print and Apply using both high quality, thin eco-friendly biodegradable paper and polyethene labels. The ability to print on demand, GS1 Data Bar, and item level traceability complimenting the PTI compliance, can be very advantageous to many growers and packers. “At LABEL PRESS, we are always seeking strategic partners that place customer values first and offer options like no other system in this industry.  LABEL PC has proven their reputation working with packing houses to provide labelling solutions while building long-lasting relationships. We look forward to sharing our same philosophy with them moving forward.

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