EM22 Hallo Electronic Hand Labeller - CORDLESS

The EM22 electronic applicator has been proven especially adequate for labelling avocados, mangoes and limes. It can dispense die cut rolls of labels without a black mark printed on them or a marker notch cut out to assist label visibility. EM22 makes labeling your products faster and easier.  The label feed rate is an impressive 130mm per second or faster. The design is robust yet light to hold with a narrow front makes corner labeling produce easier, simply activated by moving the labeller towards operator across the surface. CORDLESS design, so no more tripping over leads on the packhouse floor.

Specification for EM22


・Label feed rate: 130mm per second (or faster) 
・The two choices of usage: 
 cordless marker with rechargeable battery or marker with AC power cord. 
 Dimensions: 96(W) x 216(H) x 320(D) 
・Weight: 680g 
・Backing paper width: 23-33mm
 * Thickness of the backing paper: 0.1mm or less 
・Label roll outside diameter: 100mm or less 
・Label length: 17mm or longer 
・Battery pack dimensions: 37(W) x 67(H) x 136(D)mm 
・Battery pack weight: 240g 
 (Notice): Design and Specs are subject to change at any time. 








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